This program is for you if you’ve got that feeling it’s time to make a change — a change to living more mindfully, healthfully and overall more fully. Vibe Higher Private is a blend of private yoga instruction and individualized health coaching designed to help you increase your physical, mental and energetic health.

As a Vibe Higher Private client you’ll be matched with a Y7 yoga instructor and health coach who will be your partner in identifying and working through your unique challenges. Together you’ll craft a personalized plan for your sessions and establish a set of individual goals. Over six sessions your coach will guide you through a variety of modalities — from yoga asana to meditation to ayurveda to energy healing — each session focusing on making small shifts to achieve major impacts and lead a happier, more energized and inspired life.


6 private coaching sessions (60 minutes each)

Initial exploration session (establish a set of goals + personalized plan for your sessions)

12 yoga classes at any Y7 Studio location

Program Fee: $1,000 

Vibe Higher is a safe space to explore the things that we’re all struggling with, linking the physical body to the mental and spiritual, and offering subtle but powerful perspective shifts to these things that we’re all working on.


This 2-hour workshop is designed to teach the basics of raising your vibration. We’ll kick things off with a 60-minute yoga practice to cleanse your body and mind of old, stuck energy. From there we’ll dive into high vibe group activities focused on clearing out limiting beliefs, discovering and sharing individual strengths and honing interpersonal connection and communication skills.

To book a private Vibe Higher workshop for a corporate team or group please email 



Joanna has spent the last 7 years studying and teaching yoga, movement, nutrition, productivity and personal development. She’s personally tested and utilized the practices you’ll learn in Vibe Higher; the program is a culmination of the successful tools she’s seen transform her own life and the lives of her clients.
Joanna’s students find her approach to coaching to be highly individualized, intuitive and supportive — just the right combination to help you imagine and reach your highest potential.


Sarah Randall helps clients focus in on what really matters to them to take it one step at a time. Sarah is all about helping you find your passion and accomplish your goals so you can function at your highest frequency in your day-to-day life. Sarah has over 200 hours in yoga training and graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.