Y7’s Trauma Informed Teaching course will explore how the effects of shock, complex trauma, cultural, systemic, and institutionalized experiences can show up in the human body.

Trauma is native to the human condition, and a deeper understanding of its inner workings can be a powerful source of transformational growth. Regardless of an individual’s personal history with traumatic events, most experience the impact of trauma. Anxiety, depression, mood disorders, chronic stress and health issues are often a result of unresolved trauma living in the body. In this course, we will explore the impact of the effects of these shared experiences.

Our curriculum includes discussions, teachings, practices and offerings from a variety of teachers and specialists in the fields of Diversity, Social Equity and Human Rights. Our goal is to provide a framework where you will learn how to teach using accessible language, inclusive cuing, and explore equity within teaching, all increasing the access to the benefits of yoga.

Yoga can ignite our ability to cope with trauma, tapping into our inner resilience, growth and healing. This course is a great tool for anyone interested in offering a more trauma informed approach to teaching, working with communities dealing with trauma, or are looking to integrate basic mindfulness practices in your professional or personal life.

Y7’s Trauma Informed Teaching Program is accredited with Yoga Alliance and counts as 30 hours towards Y7’s 300-Hour Teacher Training.


FALL 2022
November 14 – November 19

6pm – 9pm EST / 3pm – 6pm PST:
Monday Nov 14
Tuesday Nov 15
Wednesday Nov 16
Thursday Nov 17

12pm – 6pm EST / 9am – 3pm PST:
Saturday Nov 19
Sunday Nov 20

*All sessions and classes hosted via Zoom.

Lead Instructor: Darby Rae McCullough
Supporting Instructors: Amanda Gloria Valdes, Jo Murdock, Molly Rice


  • Define trauma and resilience
  • Intro to Neurobiology of Threat and Safety
  • Intro to Social Engagement and the Social Brain
  • Considerations for Yoga and Mindfulness Practices in different environments
  • Explore and define tools for resourcing
  • Yoga as a tool for self regulation
  • Embodied Resourcing: Tools for cultivating space for ALL students to feel safe in their bodies during practice
  • Refining Language: Inclusive cueing + language of invitation & inquiry

  • Sequencing for different communities with trauma
  • Practice teaching in affinity groups
  • Regulation and co-regulation practices
  • A look at the chakras through the lens of human rights
  • Explore how “Trauma informed yoga is People informed yoga”
  • Explore The Eight Limbs of Yoga as a traditional framework of Trauma Informed Yoga in practice
  • Explore how Social Equity and Justice informs teaching

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The availability, practice and benefits of yoga have not been made accessible to most BIPOC communities.
Y7 is proud to offer full scholarship opportunities for BIPOC folx in our 30-hour Trauma Informed Teaching Course. Scholarships are available to those with financial need who are involved in service within their community and strive to share the practice and learnings of yoga through teaching.

Scholarship applications for our Fall 2022 Trauma Informed Yoga Training will be open from October 11 – October 24. The recipient will be notified by November 1.


No prior yoga training is required to enroll in this program. All practitioners are encouraged to join.


Full Tuition: $600
Or 3 interest-free payments of $200/month.

Additional payment plans available for as low as $55/month. Click below to enroll and prequalify through Affirm.


Darby Rae McCullough I am a yoga teacher and avid lover of all things that cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation of the human experience. I hold a 500 E-RYT with the Yoga Alliance and have been teaching Vinyasa, Hatha, and Trauma Informed Yoga for 5+ years. I have extensive training in trauma informed yoga, and yoga as a tool to engage in social justice. I believe that this practice has unlimited potential to create pivotal change within the individual and their community. Whether my students are simply interested in deepening their practice or becoming teachers themselves, it is my intention that I equip them with information and inspiration to prepare them to make their unique mark on the world.

Amanda Gloria Valdes I arrive in space with the mission to utilize the practice of Yoga, Meditation, and the Arts as a catalyst for social change and social equity. Community building has been a passion for me for as long as I can remember. I strive to support my community as a Yoga and Meditation guide, teacher training program manager/curator, and mentor. I take pride in creating non-traditional spaces to practice yoga, meditation, and arts enrichment by building programs centering BIPOC, LGTBQ+, and birthing folx. In 2012 I was certified as a Vinyasa Yoga teacher and began teaching in New York City. In the following years I became a 500+ hr E- RYT and YACEP member. My offerings are informed by History & Philosophy, Bhakti Yoga (studied in Rishikesh, India), Energy, Subtle Body, Ayurveda, Inversions, Meditation, Katonah Yoga and more. I am passionate about supporting birthing folx as a full spectrum doula via Sumi’s Touch, Prenatal/ Postnatal Yoga, Womb Wellness Education, and training. My Yoga and Meditation offerings and training span from Y7 Studio, New York University Global Spiritual Department, zoom, and maybe your local park!

Molly Elizabeth Rice I discovered yoga in my twenties at a donation based studio in NYC attracted initially by affordable exercise and profoundly impacted by the deep healing I found. With a background in the performing arts, I have always loved movement, music, and the mind body connection. On my mat for the first time I found a form of self expression that was entirely my own to explore. A space for self inquiry, self acceptance, and tools to transcend my self limiting patterns. I did my first 300 hours of teacher training in 2011 in NYC and have been studying, practicing, and teaching ever since! I’ve studied yoga in Nicaragua, Thai Massage in Thailand, and Ayurveda in India. I am personally passionate about the therapeutic applications of yoga in supporting anxiety, depression, and addiction, all of which I have personal experience with. I believe with the right combination of curiosity, compassion, and discipline, we can find more presence and purpose both on and off our mats..

Jo Murdock I am a New York Native and lover of all things that elevate the mind, body and spirit! Yoga found me in 2017 and that’s the year I started living intentionally, breathing with a purpose, and manifesting the life I envisioned in my mind. Before Yoga I studied dance my entire life and cultivated a deep love for movement. I am classically trained and have received my certification of completion from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. Once yoga became my life, I took my existing love of movement and explored the ways in which it could heal, teach, empower, and help. So, here I am today, doing my best to pay it forward. My mission as a yoga teacher is to bring yoga to communities that have historically been withheld from it and underrepresented within it.