Whether you are looking to teach or to deepen your knowledge of yoga, Y7 Studio’s comprehensive Teacher Training programs will give you the tools to do so. Each of our programs are created in alignment with the Yoga Alliance guidelines, while going above and beyond the requirements by providing our students with more contact hours, hands-on experience and practical teaching applications.



Y7 Studio’s 200-Hour Teacher Training adheres to the Yoga Alliance guidelines, while simultaneously going above and beyond the requirements by providing you with more contact hours, more hands-on experience, more practical teaching, and a greater emphasis on inclusive teaching than any other program.

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to register as a Registered Yoga Teacher-200 with the Yoga Alliance.

We’ve adapted our training to ensure that it is impactful, engaging and interesting in an online format.


Y7 Studio’s Continuing Education Program is designed for both yoga teachers and yoga practitioners who are looking to deepen their knowledge of yoga and/or take their teaching to the next level. All courses are open to anyone regardless of teaching certification. However, 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teachers may complete courses which add up to a 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teaching Certification. There is no time limit to complete your 300-hour program through Y7 and participants may work at their own pace.

Courses are now adapted in an online format.


The Y7 Mentorship Program focuses on real world teaching experience, breaking out of your comfort zone and stepping into the role of yoga teacher. During our six week Mentorship Program, you will be encouraged to move away from any self-limiting beliefs around teaching yoga and to move toward tackling any obstacles that are preventing you from being the best teacher you can be.


Y7 is proud to expand its past partial scholarship and offer full scholarship opportunities for BIPOC folx towards our 200-hour teacher training. Scholarships are available to those who are involved in service within their community or have contributed to their community in a significant way, and will continue to share the practice of yoga through teaching.

3 full scholarships are available in Y7’s Fall 2020 Teacher Training programs. In all trainings moving forward, Y7 will guarantee at least 1 scholarship recipient for every 10 teachers trained.


Hosted Online via Zoom
Fall Weekend Applications due by Friday, September 18


September 1 – 30
Monday through Friday
10:00am – 5:30pm EST


October 3 – December 13
Saturdays + Sundays
10:00am – 5:30pm EST

This was a truly amazing program, studio and set of teachers. The gold standard in teacher training!


Amanda Gloria Valdes is a community builder, advocate, yoga teacher, meditation teacher, teaching artist and Doula via Sumi’s Touch. Amanda began working as a Teaching Artist for St. Luke’s Hospital – Nitestar Theater Company  creating education through a theater based model incorporating drama, music and peer education to help guide pre- adolescents, adolescents and young adults as they confront the many challenges of growing up in the age of  HIV/AIDS, gender/orientation bias , substance abuse, domestic violence , and more. Amanda has completed over 575 hours Teacher Training hours in Vinyasa Yoga,Restorative Yoga, Inversions , Ayurveda, Prenatal, Energy/Subtle Body, Inversions, Bhakti, Sequencing and Hands on Assists/Adjustments.  Amanda has studied in Rishikesh, India with Parmath Nikitien to get a better understanding of the lineage of Yoga and its origin. In 2020 began studying Traditional Doula Work with Sum’s touch of Oakland California in efforts to support and advocate for BIPOC birthing folx in United States. Amanda’s community work spans from piloting arts/wellness programs including: Rainbow Warriors with SCO (Yoga Program centering LGTBQIA + Brooklyn Youth) , Theater  Residencies for Literacy with City University -Creative Arts Team , to most recently supporting the NYU BIPOC Community with a Yoga Program called Stay Woke & Move  in partnership with the Global Spiritual Department. In 2016, Amanda was named “Changemaker” by Yoga Journal Italia . Amanda’s mission continues to be the catalyst of change by building strong communities through arts, yoga, and accessible wellness services for folx nationwide.

Molly Elizabeth Rice has been practicing and teaching yoga consistently for the past 10 years. With a background in classical dance and a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre, Molly has always been fascinated with psychology, movement, and the mind-body connection. Molly has trained formally in teaching Vinyasa, Bikram-Style, Hatha, and Prenatal Yoga. She has additionally studied Thai Yoga Massage in Thailand and Ayurveda in India. Forever a student, she is constantly deepening her personal practice by studying yoga’s philosophy, history, and evolving applications. Molly is passionate about putting yoga in action off of the mat and hopes to inspire others to do the same. 

Michelle Martini is a reiki-attuned yoga teacher and meditation guide, certified in over 2,000 hours of yoga trainings. Her unique style of teaching is inspired by the diverse dimensions of yoga she has studied, including: hatha and vinyasa yoga, meditation, Thai yoga massage, aromatherapy, prenatal yoga, and the art of sequencing. She has received initiations from several master teachers, most notably: restorative yoga with Judith Hanson Lassater (the founder of restorative yoga) and yoga nidra with Yogi Charu, under the Satyananda Saraswati lineage. In addition to her classes and workshops at Y7, Michelle facilitates international teacher trainings and retreats. She is the creator of Y7’s Heavily Meditated workshops and author of the book Guiding Yoga Nidra.

Jo Murdock is a 200HR RYT currently working towards completing her 300HR. Prior to yoga finding her in 2017 she danced and received her certification of completion at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and continued dancing at SUNY Purchase, her alma mater. She is classically trained in Ballet, Horton, and Jazz and has experience in choreographing music videos; yoga for athletes, barre, and HIIT. Jo’s teaching style incorporates accountability from her dance background and the mindfulness she has learned from yoga. She will ask you to be uncomfortable on purpose and sit with what you uncover as a result of it. Jo’s mission as a yoga teacher is to bring yoga to communities who have historically been withheld from it and underrepresented within it.

Emily Torockio is a movement teacher and yoga teacher trainer based in New York City. Her intention is to share a practice that has given her so much — a smart, compassionate relationship with her body, a reverence for breath, a lifelong devotion to education, and a real sense of peace. In addition to working as a teacher, mentor, and trainer for Y7. Emily has led and assisted about a dozen 200-hour YTTs and brings a strong background in different movement modalities to her teaching of asana. She is a certified FRC mobility specialist and uses the principles of mobility training and neuroplasticity to teach asana. Emily truly believes that all that is of value in life lies in the creation of connection — between mind and body, body and soul; between humans and within communities. 

Casey Layne Anderson is a yoga instructor, meditation teacher, lululemon ambassador, and yoga teacher trainer currently residing and teaching in New York City. With a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre from Carnegie Mellon University, Casey’s passion for acting and singing is directly related to her passion for teaching yoga. Both art forms require presence, connection (to self and others), surrender, and intention. Because of Casey’s sensitivity to connection and creating a meaningful experience, her classes defy the usual and provide a special space for students to move through any perceived limitations, mentally and physically. Casey has extensive experience teaching yoga as well as leading yoga teacher trainings in Denver, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and New York City. From professional athletes to yogis with extreme physical and mental disabilities, Casey is honored to pass along a practice that has been so meaningful in her life.

Darby Rae McCullough is a yoga teacher and avid lover of all things that cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation of the human experience. She holds a 500 ERYT with the Yoga Alliance, and has been teaching Vinyasa, Hatha, and Trauma Informed Yoga for 5 years. She has extensive training in trauma informed yoga, and yoga as a tool to engage in social justice. She believes that this practice has unlimited potential to create pivotal change within the individual and their community. Whether her students are simply interested in deepening their practice or becoming teachers themselves, it is her intention that she equips them with information and inspiration to prepare them to make their unique mark on the world.

Lindsay Pirozzi, MS, CRC, is a yoga teacher (RYT500) and mentor in NYC. A practicing mental health counselor, Lindsay is passionate about yoga as a portal for healing. Since 2008 she’s studied Bikram, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yin yoga. As a recovering D1 soccer player, Lindsay is also sure to make her classes anatomically safe, yet powerful, to help students feel optimistic and grounded.

Stephanie Wallace is a yoga teacher (500RYT), reiki healer and ritual guide based in Brooklyn, NY. For the past six years, she has been teaching yoga + meditation in studios, schools and nonprofit organizations, bringing an element of understanding and compassion for individuals from, and throughout, all walks of life. Stephanie is also trained in trauma-informed yoga, furthering her efforts in creating truly safe spaces for students to experience their yoga practice. Her passion for connecting the physical practice with energetic elements of the chakra system, moon cycles and beyond, make her style unique, accessible, and full of discovery. Stephanie seeks to help you find the bridge between the anatomical and metaphysical, creating pathways for you to find your own way across. Her hope is to ultimately lead you back to yourself – showing up authentically in your practice, both on and off the mat.