The Y7 Mentorship Program focuses on real world teaching experience, breaking out of your comfort zone and stepping into the role of yoga teacher. During our six week Mentorship Program you will be encouraged to move away from any self-limiting beliefs around teaching yoga and to move toward tackling any obstacles that are preventing you from being the best teacher you can be. This module includes working one-to-one with a Y7 Senior Instructor as well as teaching six public classes in a select Y7 Studio with feedback to follow. 

You will teach community classes in a Y7 studio, assist your mentor’s classes, receive feedback, attend and observe Y7 classes, complete both reading and writing assignments, as well as attend a 25-Hour Weekend Workshop focused on Finding Your Voice. Our Yoga Alliance certified program counts as 100 hours toward the Y7 Studio 300-Hour Teacher Training Certification.

NYC Fall Mentorship: September 10 - October 19
NYC Winter Mentorship: November 6 - December 14
LA Mentorship 2018

Mentors: Joanna Cohen, Emily Torockio, Kate Sortino, Michelle Martini, Leah Roth, and Jenna D'Angelo




  • Write weekly report of your class planning process, highlighting sequencing, philosophy and playlist
  • Complete 2 different reading assignments as assigned by your mentor
  • Attend 25-Hour Finding Your Voice Workshop, held once per quarter, with senior Y7 Artists.
  • Teach 1 Y7 community class per week
    • Meet with mentor for 1 hour post class to discuss in-depth feedback
  • Attend a minimum of 2 Y7 classes per week
    • Write a weekly report of your experience during class, including sequencing details, alignment cues, pace of class, teachers presence and yogic philosophy
  • Assist mentor during 2 of their classes per week
    • Offer hands-on assists to students during class
    • Meet with mentor after class to discuss sequencing,
      pacing, music choices and more


Summer Track B: July 9 - August 17

Fall Mentorship: September 10 - October 19

Winter Mentorship: November 6 - December 14

Module Price: $2,800



This 25-Hour Finding Your Voice Immersion is designed for certified yoga teachers who are ready to find their authentic voice and discover what it means to be a true leader. In this training, we will strip away any barriers that might be holding you back from finding your truest expression of self as well as how that shows up while guiding a room of students. We will focus on learning to speak authentically in order to use your voice as a tool of connection. The ability to speak your truth and let yourself be seen is a craft that often takes time to develop. We will work together to refine this skill and explore how to use your voice and your words in a profound and powerful manner. Join senior teachers for this transformational experience that’s sure to enhance your teaching and help you connect with the true, confident leader within.

January 29 - February 1
Monday - Thursday
10:00am - 4:00pm

Module Price: $425 or
Included in Mentorship Program




$2,800 total

$500 non-refundable and non-transferable deposit due upon acceptance

Remaining balance due 1 week before program start date. Refund window closes 2 weeks prior to program start date.

Y7 Teacher Training graduates receive an exclusive rate of $2,400


200-Hour Teacher Training graduate from any program

Must have taken 7 or more Y7 yoga classes


The Y7 Mentorship is accredited with the Yoga Alliance and counts as 100 hours towards Y7's 300-Hour Teacher Training Program.

The Mentorship Program does not guarantee a paid teaching position at Y7. However, it does prepare you to feel confident moving into the audition process as a yoga teacher.
Acceptance is subject to Y7's admission process.


100% attendance is required to earn your 300-Hour Teacher Training Certification.