To truly make yoga accessible, our mission goes beyond the studio walls. In 2018, we launched Y7’s Freedom to Flow. A community outreach program that brings yoga and mindfulness to youth in underserved communities. Our goal is to break down some of the misconceptions around yoga and provide students with tools to apply these practices in their everyday lives. We believe that education is how you create change and encourage open conversation. We are creating partnerships with groups, organizations and schools that focus on BIPOC and LGBTQ+ wellness and youth development so that we may be of support to their community by offering free yoga classes and programs.


Freedom to Flow Six Week Program:
Consist of on-site + virtual sessions with weekly journal prompts

Week 1: Introduction
Week 1 will lay the foundation for the entire program. We will focus on creating a connection between the teacher and students while setting boundaries to create a safe space for learning and sharing.

Week 2: Asana
Week 2 will be focused on an introduction to Asana. We will go over basic yoga poses and begin to build a physical practice using these poses.

Week 3: Breathwork
Week 3 will focus on an introduction to Pranayama/breathwork. We will go over basic breathing techniques and begin to incorporate them into the physical practice.

Week 4: Meditation
Week 4 will be an introduction to meditation. We will go over the concept of meditation and mindfulness and introduce it through movement.

Week 5: Creating your own practice
Week 5 will be a culmination of everything learned during the program. The practice will include information covered in throughout the previous 4 weeks.

Week 6: Graduation
Week 6 you will reflect on everything you’ve learned throughout the program. Certificates will be presented to each student.

Freedom to Flow Experience Days:
1 or 3 day sessions hosted at a Y7 Studio location or on-site at the respective school

Experience Days are a more condensed version of our 6-week program. These are great for events such as health and wellness weeks or teacher appreciation days. This 60-minute session will begin with a short introduction of the Y7 instructor, setting boundaries to create a safe space for learning and sharing, followed by an asana practice, closing with a discussion and journaling session to end the practice.


  • Educate on the benefits and importance of yoga, self-care, and mindfulness.
  • Translate the tools of yoga for application into everyday lives.
  • Teach techniques to cope with traumas, help with self-esteem, stress, anger management, conflict, and more.

For more information or if you’re interested in bringing Freedom to Flow to your community organization, please email [email protected]