Each month Y7 will spotlight an up-and-coming music artist of color chosen by a member of our team. Throughout the month, the artist’s voice will be amplified on our social media and in our studios with dedicated themed classes that showcase their talents, along with a charitable cause close to their heart. All proceeds from those classes will be donated directly to that charitable organization.

Music is and will always be a big part of the Y7 experience. We are excited to use our platform to educate and inspire as a community.



As a student at Morehouse College, Chris studied music performance under Grammy-winning trumpeter Melvin Jones and former Principal Trumpet of the Atlanta Symphony, John Head. During his time at Morehouse, Chris performed with and learned from many world-renowned musicians, including Terence Blanchard. Chris also received a Master’s degree in Studio Production from the University of Central Oklahoma.
After graduating, Chris began playing professionally, leading him to a deeper love of writing, meditation and yoga. As a result of this love, he has been able to develop his own sound (through the mononym, Behnu) and further develop his audio engineering skills.
Through his music, Chris works to channel a mindset of abundance, love, compassion, and hope. His aim is to continually develop always as a person first and in turn, speak that truth through his music.



Throughout November, we will be highlighting Ignite. Ignite envisions a world where all young people have the support they need to be defined by their potential, not their circumstances.

All proceeds from themed classes this month will be donated directly to Ignite.


Artist Spotlight themed classes for November will take place throughout all Y7 Studio locations on Thursday, November 17. These classes will highlight music from Chris Stanley and benefit Ignite.