Each month Y7 will spotlight an up-and-coming music artist of color chosen by a member of our team. Throughout the month, the artist’s voice will be amplified on our social media and in our studios with dedicated themed classes that showcase their talents, along with a charitable cause close to their heart. All proceeds from those classes will be donated directly to that charitable organization.

Music is and will always be a big part of the Y7 experience. We are excited to use our platform to educate and inspire as a community.



Claire Reneé’s recently released nine-track album Wings is inspired by relationships and how we cope with both the beautiful and challenging sides of it, touching on certain experiences that help us navigate these situations. Claire confides, “The human experience encompasses lots of different emotions. There may be some anger, sadness, clarity, visits from spirit guides, and even epiphanies. We lead out by honoring that we want to change or see a change in our lives. That includes doing work on ourselves while reminding ourselves we will always push through and even find our Wings. Getting to the other side brings light and even empathy to the very same ones who hurt you, couldn’t show up for you, or wronged you in the past.”



Claire Reneé has chosen to highlight the organization Create Now, which empowers youth through arts, education and mentorship.

All proceeds from themed classes the week of September 13 will be donated directed to Create Now.


Check back for this month’s themed classes featuring our Artist Spotlight. Schedule to be announced by 9/10.