Each month Y7 will spotlight an up-and-coming music artist of color chosen by a member of our team. Throughout the month, the artist’s voice will be amplified on our social media and in our studios with dedicated themed classes that showcase their talents, along with a charitable cause close to their heart. All proceeds from those classes will be donated directly to that charitable organization.

Music is and will always be a big part of the Y7 experience. We are excited to use our platform to educate and inspire as a community.



NYC based, Miami raised Dylan Golden is a different type of Hip Hop creative. Driven by a mission to inspire others to overcome their struggles and be a vessel for social change. With the solid talent and unwavering ability to deliver the message, 30 year old Dylan Golden is poised to make waves with hip hop fans and music lovers alike who aren’t satisfied with just a catchy beat and empty hook. His music contains sustenance, and at any given point will keep your head bobbing.

Since releasing his first mixtape “Fade to Gold” in 2011, Dylan Golden has independently released 3 EPs, “Treasures of the Heart” 2013, “Humble Beginnings” 2016 and “Revolution of the Heart”, as well as a music film “Half Dead,” which achieved national attention. With a focus on Dylan’s upbringing and Latin roots, Dylan’s fourth album “After We Were Colonized” will be released in Fall 2022 with songs such as ‘’Mirame!”, “Love Not War” and, his latest single, “CRY.”


Mental Health America

Dylan has chosen to highlight Mental Health America throughout August. MHA is the nation’s leading community-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing the needs of those living with mental illness and promoting the overall mental health of all.

All proceeds from themed classes this month will be donated directly to Mental Health America.


Artist Spotlight themed classes for August will take place throughout all Y7 Studio locations on Thursday, August 18. These classes will highlight music from Dylan Golden and benefit Mental Health America.