Hometown: Grosse Pointe, MI

Favorite Music Artist or Band: Sigur Rós.

On weekends you can be found: Exploring during the day, then holing up at home with my partner, a book, and/or Netflix.

Favorite movie of all time: Ahhhhhh… tough. WALL-E or UP. Big Pixar fan.

Favorite time of day to get your practice in? Early morning sounds like the right answer… but I almost always practice in the evenings. It’s a nice way to seal the day.

Dream vacation: Inside a good book. Or Mars.

Favorite yoga pose: Half Pigeon. It’s the worst and the best.

Favorite post yoga snack: Banana and peanut butter. And chocolate. Always chocolate if possible.

How did you get into yoga? A couple of my friends in high school challenged me to go to a heated Vinyasa class. At the time I was all about the gym and thought yoga was for moms. They bet me the class would quick my ass…

What was your first class like?  … It kicked my ass. But it was great. The instructor focused on long term goals, both mental and physical, and that was a refreshing change. I was very focused on immediate success, fast results, getting sh*t done. That first class offered a new perspective I carry with me still today.

A quote you love? “How should a fool that calls himself 'I’ presume to comprehend not numerable whom?” — e e cummings

Book recommendation for other yogi's: Thank You For Arguing by Jay Heinrichs. It’s not about yoga, but it’s helped me shape my approach to teaching. It encourages the reader to analyze situations from a persuasive perspective: what is your goal? The goals of the audience? how do you communicate or “argue” to reach the best solution for all?

Your personal mantra is… Just keep going. That may actually mean stopping for the moment. Act with your deeper goals in mind.

What's your favorite part of Y7? Gotta say it: the Tribe. Y7 is my home away from home. The community is overflowing with incredible people who want to grow, laugh, cry, share, work, and play. The support and love is unreal. I can’t wait to see how the west coast community blossoms!