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Currently listening to: Goddess and Queen Erykah Badu

Favorite time of day to get your practice in: early morning! Although if I've got a full day of teaching, I'm heading straight home to a restorative practice on my bedroom floor.

A quote you love: If not, not. Thanks Grandma!

Favorite post yoga snack: banana, avocado, watermelon #FRUITLIFE

On weekends I can be found: Foam rolling and teaching! Saturday/Sunday is no break in my hustling schedule. Prior to August 2016, I would be performing in the evening with Fuerza Bruta Wayra! It was an amazing time and an exciting balance to the calm that is asked of yoga practicing and teaching!

Favorite part of Y7: I'd have to say first the dark, then the tunes and the heat. Giving people a place to come and groove, move their bodies and get centered is a precious thing. My first class I felt such a release. Every time I teach, I hope at least one person feels as satisfied as I did after rolling out my mat in that first class.

Personal Mantra: I am safe in the present, I can let the past go.