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Hometown:  Born and raised in Panama City Beach, FL (It’s not what you think.)  Comin to you from Colorado.

On weekends you can be found:  With my #1 homie Cash. He puts up with my busy schedule all week so when I am free we like to spend our time walking the streets of BK, listening to biggie and taking silly photos. Okay, that is what I like to do, he likes to sneak street food and chase pigeons...Cash is my dog. I also try and include black coffee, big pancakes, and the occasional bourbon with my frands. 

Favorite movie of all time:  An Affair to Remember, I am a romantic... and don't judge me but Elf has really gotten me through some tough times. 

Favorite time of day to get your practice in?  After the mayhem. In an ideal world I like to wake up and roll around on my mat, nothing too structured. It opens me up and centers me for the day. But at the end of the day when everything is flipped upside down; that is when the magic happens. Perspective returns once I step on my mat. 

A quote you love?  Live the life you've ALWAYS imagined. This one has been the most consistent in my life. It always returns to me... and it is always applicable. 

Your personal mantra is… Everything is going to be okay. I am just a natural worry wort, so sometimes I have to get real with myself. Not only will everything be okay but it is going to be great.

What's your favorite part of Y7?   As a student? THE EVERYTHING. Give me heat, beats, and a lost in a flow? I'm in love. As a new teacher in the community, the wild amount of support from everyone and the significant amount of passion coming out of the teachers I get to teach beside.

Dream vacation:  Anywhere and anytime I can immerse myself fully into another culture or get completely lost in the wilderness. 

Favorite yoga pose:  Like, if I had to marry one? I won’t lie, I am having commitment issues. Restoratively speaking, I could live in a supported Supta Baddha Konasana. But I feel so damn majestic when I get into a solid Birds of Paradise. 

Favorite post yoga snack: Sushi. Goodness, I love sushi. 

How did you get into yoga? I stumbled into, what I now know, must have been a Hatha based class for the injured & older.  That wasn't the official title, but I was the youngest of the small crew by about 40 years. I really led that class, it was my escape every week, I don't think I even really told anyone I went. Yoga wasn't so hip back then in my small town and looking back at it I think the people I practiced with made me keep on returning. They all had so many injuries, and they were stiff; you could tell it was so uncomfortable for them, but they came back every single week and they worked really hard at changing the things they could. They were bad asses and I wanted to be surrounded by people willing to work...that is yoga. Over and over again.