Hometown? Lexington, MA

Favorite music artist or band? Beyoncé

Dream vacation? Thailand

Favorite post yoga snack? Anything with watermelon— gotta keep hydrated!

A quote you love? “Excellence is  my presence never tense never hesitant” Biggie Smalls

Personal mantra? Anything done in love is well done.

How did you get into yoga? Recovering from an injury when I was 16, I took my first class alongside my father, who has been practicing yoga for decades. I love moving with intention and purpose. In college I managed my local yoga studio and took class every day. It’s been my primary love affair ever since.

Favorite time of day to get your yoga practice in? I’m a big fan of beating the afternoon slump with a quick and dirty practice where I can get a boost of energy and give myself some TLC.

Favorite part about Y7? My favorite part of y7 is the idea that we don’t have to turn our modern life off to join our yoga practice. Yes you can blast Kanye and still practice an ancient tradition of turning the mind by moving your body. Yes you can release your day and de-stress while also holding a plank that seems to last forever. Y7 lets you have it all.