Hometown: Ponca City, Oklahoma 

On Weekends You Can Be Found: Sitting in the sunshine, hugging my cats, drinking coffee and searching out the best food this city has to offer.  

Favorite Movie of All Time: I literally have no idea, maybe Pretty Woman? You really can’t go wrong with Julia Roberts. 

Favorite Time of Day To Get Your Practice In: In the morning! I love to practice as soon as I roll out of bed, starting my day out by breathing and moving lets me set the tone for the rest of my day.  How can your day not be better if it started with yoga? 

A Quote You Love: "Let everybody work out their own vision of this universe, according to their own ideas. Injure none, allow people their way; take a person where he or she stands, and, if you can, lend a helping hand and put them on a higher platform, but do not injure and do not destroy. All will come to truth in the long run.” – Swami Vivekananda

Your Personal Mantra: Don’t Compromise Yourself, You’re All You’ve Got - Janis Joplin.  Stand up for yourself, be true to yourself, don’t compromise who you really are and what you truly believe in for anyone or anything. 

What’s Your Favorite Part of Y7: The community, the music, the ambiance.  Sweaty yoga to great music, you literally can’t find anything I love more.  

Dream Vacation:  Anywhere with a beach! My favorite place in the world is Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, but I’m dreaming of going to Thailand, Bali and Greece! 

Favorite Yoga Pose: Savasana.  Seriously, there is nothing quite like doing a really challenging practice and then coming into savasana. Just laying there and observing all that you have done for your body, all the emotions you have worked through, how hard you have pushed yourself, it’s like laying in bliss. It’s perfect.

Favorite Post Yoga Snack: Any smoothie that has peanut butter in it.  OR a really, really cold kombucha after a sweaty class is pretty brilliant too.

How Did You Get Into Yoga: I started yoga when I was a freshman in college because I was looking for a good workout.  I decided to check out these yoga classes that were offered at our university gym, and even though it was so hard, I had zero upper body strength and couldn’t even touch my toes, I loved it.  I just kept going back again and again, I was hooked. Ten years later I realize yoga has absolutely nothing to do with touching your toes, and everything to do with believing that you can.