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Hometown? Born in SoHo, bred in Howell, NJ

Favorite music artist or band? My ideal music festival would have Tom Petty, Blink 182, and Alabama Shakes as the headliners. On the other stages would be artists like Carly Rae Jepson, Lucius, Phantogram, and Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings. Yes I know I teach Hip Hop Yoga- which I also love! Give me Beyonce & Drake any day. Call me eclectic?

Dream vacation?  I’m dying to go to Big Sur! But my next big trip needs to be an Amalfi Coast/Cinque Terre situation.

Favorite post yoga snack? Anything from my husband’s restaurant “Sunday In Brooklyn” on Wythe Ave! Get the black cod pastrami and the honeynut squash! Say I sent you and they’ll give you free sourdough donuts.

A quote you love? “stay strong through your pain grow flowers from it you have helped me grow flowers out of mine so bloom beautifully dangerously loudly bloom softly however you need just bloom” ― Rupi Kaur, milk and honey

Personal mantra? I have one that I use in practice and in meditation regularly but I like it keep it private. My favorite mantra that I use at the end of every class though is “Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu” which loosely translates to "May all beings be safe, protected, happy and free from suffering."

How did you get into yoga? I’ve always been a performer, and I went to an arts high school. Dance & yoga were part of our gym class. In college I started practicing on my own and found that I loved the heat and challenge of Bikram yoga. It wasn’t until I really delved into the healing aspect of connecting breath & movement in vinyasa practice that everything really clicked for me.

Favorite time of day to get your practice in? I love a Noon class. It gives me time to start my day and get some work done at home, then I can go to practice and continue onward in the outside world with a clear mind.

What's your favorite part of Y7? My first Y7 class was 3 years ago in their first tiny studio on N. 1st street. I cried afterwards for a while in Savasana . It could have been because I was about to get married and freaking out about a myriad of things. It could have been because Alex was such a powerful teacher with incredible music. It could have been the heat freeing up stored emotions in my body. It could have been the darkness giving me privacy to move in a way that felt so good. It could have been the freedom of flowing on my own, allowing me to just exist without thinking too much. Whatever the reason may be, I was – and continue to be – hooked.