Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri, home of the magnificent St. Louis Cardinals, who taught me everything I know about love.

On weekends you can be found: Teaching! Also: wandering around Nolita reading books, eating avocado toast and sipping matcha lattes. Or with one of the many wonderful people in my life, eating fries and sipping bourbon and talking big ideas. 

Favorite movie of all time: D2: The Mighty Ducks. 

Favorite time of day to get your practice in: Midday. On a lazy day it's a lovely jumpstart; on a busy day it's a welcome reset. 

A quote you love? "Man was matter, that was Snowden's secret. Drop him out a window, and he'll fall. Set fire to him, and he'll burn. Bury him and he'll rot, like other kinds of garbage. The spirit gone, man is garbage. That was Snowden's secret. Ripeness was all." (Joseph Heller, Catch-22)

Your personal mantra is... Show up, and don't be an asshole. Years ago, my friends and I were regulars at a trivia night. One night, the host announced it was going to be her final night there. We had been spending every Tuesday with this woman for months, maybe a year, and she bought us a round of shots on that last night and thanked us for being some of her favorite patrons. I asked her why we were her favorites -- we really hadn't talked to her much at all. She said, "You always show up, and you're never assholes." I loved that. It seems so simple, but it's more than most people do. Show up. Show up honestly. Show up with authenticity. Show up and really be there. Be open to possibility, be quiet and respectful, be loud and loving... just don't be an asshole. :)

What's your favorite part of Y7? This community of sweat and acceptance. So much of what is wrong with the world and wrong in our lives stems from the feeling that we don't belong, that we don't fit in, that we don't look right or have the right moves or the right words. I love that at Y7 I can honestly say to every person who walks in -- if you want to be here, you belong here. 
Dream vacation: Antarctica. Madagascar. Shark cage diving in South Africa. Swimming with humpback whales in the Tonga. Hang gliding in Malaysia. Wherever I go, I want to be in awe. 

Favorite yoga pose: Supported Fish Pose. You can feel it undoing damage.
Favorite post yoga snack: The Hawaiian Healer with spinach and kale from Juice Press. Or the above-mentioned avocado toast and matcha latte. Or, let's not lie, fries and bourbon or just about anything, eating is my favorite. 
How did you get into yoga? One of my first forays into group fitness was a bikram class, like 8 years ago. i liked some things about it but also disliked a lot, so I moved on. At that point I was only looking for exercise, but yoga was always in the back of my mind as something I thought I'd eventually want to get into. It was like being at a party and thinking oh, I really want to meet this yoga! -- but getting sidetracked chatting with barre and muay thai and weird pilates hybrids. I finally became friends with some teachers and started taking occasional classes, which became more and more frequent, and more and more necessary. When I moved to New York in 2014, literally one of the first things i did was sign up for yoga teacher training and started a committed daily practice, And then it just made sense... like, okay, this took a while, but now we're together like we were always meant to be.