Hometown? Charlotte, NC

Favorite music artist or band? Oh man...Kanye, James Blake, Active Child, Chance the Rapper, FKA Twigs, Tove Lo, Disclosure, St. Lucia, Daft Punk...ever changing taste in music.  

Dream vacation? Japan! Super interested in the food and culture. Iceland also would be amazing. 

Favorite post yoga snack? Love me some pomegranate seeds...or like a massive bacon, egg, and cheese. Depends on the day I guess. 

A quote you love? I recently read Nathan Hill's book The Nix, and there are SO many amazing quotes from it. "Seeing ourselves clearly is the product of a lifetime," and "Any real change should make you feel, at first, afraid. If you're not afraid of it, then it's not real change." Read this book. For real. 

Personal mantra? Worry is just a waste of energy. Seriously though! Very little comes from sitting and worrying. It's not productive.  

How did you get into yoga? I've danced for pretty much my entire life, but I first became interested in yoga when I was getting my MFA in dance at NYU. I found that yoga not only complemented my physical dance training by being very anatomical and alignment based, but also interested me choreographically. I originally decided to get my yoga certification to improve my dance teaching, but fell in love with teaching yoga along the way. And I haven't stopped!

Favorite time of day to get your practice in? Probably evening, when everything calms down. Its so important to breathe after the stress of the daily grind. 

What's your favorite part of Y7? I love that Y7 classes are always in a dark room. It really allows me to turn inward and focus on my practice.