Hometown: Wilmington, North Carolina, y’all!

On weekend you can be found: Getting up embarrassingly early, cuddling with my kitties on #caturday, drinking espresso, going to Harlem jazz shows with my husband and attending church. 

Favorite movie of all time: 100% Dirty Dancing. R.I.P Patrick Swayze, you changed our lives forever. I would still carry a watermelon for you!

Favorite time of day to get your practice in: Since I’m a certified grandma… the morning. I’m no good after about 6:00pm. It’s the most powerful way to start the day… clear mind, open heart, deep breaths, good vibes.

A Quote you love? “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” -J.K. Rowling

Your personal mantra is… Vulnerability is stronger than any other characteristic ones could ever posses. If you allow yourself to be vulnerable, you will stand out. If you allow yourself to be vulnerable, you will have less regrets. If you allow yourself to be vulnerable, those around you will take down their own walls. If you open up, others open up. If you open up, you’ll find you’re not alone… you never were. When you allow others to know you completely, you’ll never know a day without finding true love. 

What’s your favorite part of Y7? The fact that every single time I’m practicing at Y7 my greatest challenge is not hopping out of warrior II and getting’ down. Seriously… these beats, vibes and teachers are unparalleled. Those who flow together stay together. The Y7 community is just as committed to involving new yogis as it is dedicated to nourishing our own hip-hop family. 

Dream vacation: Anywhere I can stay for a significant amount of time. Seriously anywhere… Kenya, Costa Rica, Georgia… when I travel, my goal is to get to know the culture, to participate in the community, to walk the streets and experience life as a “_____ian”. You can’t experience a place, without experiencing the people, getting your hands dirty and being okay with going out of your comfort zone… culture inspires me endlessly.

Favorite yoga pose: Chinstand. I mean… YOU’RE STANDING ON YOUR CHIN! Hello! Whoever thought of that?!? It’s pretty magical. 

Favorite post yoga snack: FroYo! FroYo after hot yoga is transcendental. Try it… you’ll be a believer. But, it’s ALL about the brownie bites, you gotta get the brownie bites on top. 

How did you get into yoga? I trained in the art classical ballet vigorously until I was eighteen years old. There were few days I was NOT found in pointe shoes up until my senior year of high school. I tore my hip adductor ligament which took me off the dance floor years earlier than I expected. I found yoga right after I could walk again without pain and practiced sporadically for a few years. I left for college and completely hit rock bottom in life for many reasons. After moving back home to get myself back together in 2011, some Divine intervention told me to give yoga a shot. So I threw on some baggy pants, grabbed one of those super thick, ridiculously useless fitness mats my mom had in the closet and stumbled into Wilmington Yoga Center. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but after just sixty minutes I knew that this practice was going to change everything in my life. I’ve been on the mat everyday since. I remember trying not to stare too obviously at the gorgeous yogis flying into chinstands and koundinyasanas. They looked so free. I wanted to fly and to be changed forever. So, here I am today… falling still, but flying too and being daily transformed by the practice, the community and the infinite journey.