Hometown? Whitefish, Montana 

Favorite music artist or band? Bey. Tay. Jay. 

Dream vacation? Sailing the West Indies with Beyoncé and Jay-Z and Richard Branson and the Obamas, hopping on Rihanna's jet to go kick it in Ibiza for a hot second, decompressing [read: eating all of the things] for a week or so in Tuscany with Chrissy Teigen, bopping on down to Peru to hit a quick yoga retreat where I run into my close personal friend Kendrick, then cruising down to Patagonia to heli ski for a week or so, all with my loving husband Chris Hemsworth/ Jake Gyllenhaal/ Zac Efron by my side.

Favorite post yoga snack? Is a burrito a snack? 

A quote you love? "You are a child of the universe/ no less than the trees and the stars;/ you have a right to be here." Max Ehrmann or "You're probably my most basic friend." -my friend Olga 

Personal mantra? Do no harm. Take no shit. (Shout out to Casey Layne Anderson for this one)

How did you get into yoga? As a young, broke college kid in NYC, I started going to free yoga in the East Village with my friends when we weren't in class or haunting the dive bars of the Lower East Side. Initially, I was incredibly intimidated by the more experienced practitioners, and I thought savasana was so silly. As time went on though, I started to realize that I really needed to escape the insanity of life in NYC, even if it was just for an hour in a room full of sweaty hipsters. 

Favorite time of day to get your practice in? Mid morning- it shakes off the last remnants of sleep and helps me feel the ground under my feet as I go through my day. 

What's your favorite part of y7? For a very long time I was uncomfortable in my own skin, and y7 was one of the few places where I could go to feel confident and grounded. The dark room and the music and the heat allowed me to move in ways that felt authentic to me without fear of judgment. I am now much more comfortable with myself, but the sense of security and confidence that I initially found in y7 has not faded. Now I can leave my mat and carry that feeling with me into the world much more easily.