Hometown: Pompton Plains, NJ. I don't pump gas but I do flow hard.

On weekends you can be found: on a bike, on a train, on a plane to anywhere. I love to explore.

Favorite movie: The Darjeeling Limited

Favorite time of day to get your practice in: All the times of the day. I love to start my day off strong by gettting grounded in my own skin and surprising myself with my own strength. Some days I love to press the reset button half way through to clear my body and my brain. And evening practice usually reminds me of just how gracefully gangster I actually can be and then its off to dreamland.

Quote: "You were once wild here. Don't let them tame you" -Isadora Duncan

Personal Mantra: we are all practicing

Favorite part of Y7: I love to let go in the dark!!!!! The teachers, the challenge, the heat and the beats don't hurt either ;) The whole experience is super rad!

Dream Vacation: I take a dream vacation most days I step on my mat. Boom!

Favorite post yoga snack: Juice Press's Clean Green Protein

How did you get into yoga?: I grew up as a dancer so moving my body is less of a want, more of a need. I flirted with yoga lightly at first, until one day I heard a teacher tell us to forget about what each pose looked like and get interested in what it feels like. As a dancer, this blew my mind. Total game-changer. I love using yoga as a tool to get out of my own way.