Hometown:  Ramsey, New Jersey

On weekends you can be found:  Never at brunch because I absolutely despise brunch.  Maybe at the laundromat because ugh. Definitely with my friends doing something out of the ordinary in (hopefully) Brookyln.

Favorite movie of all time:  Well, this is just impossible to answer!

Favorite time of day to get your practice in?  The evening.  I enjoy coming onto the mat when I am ready to let go of my day.

Weirdest place you've ever practiced at:  In my dreams.

How did your first yoga class go?  I don't remember.  I was blacked out with nerves, but my buddies said it was great.

Your personal mantra is...  Whenever I am having a hard moment, bad day or just feeling really down I like to remind myself that I can always "turn it on it's head." Meaning, I have the power to change my mind about what's happening.  Maybe it's a shift in perspective, maybe I force myself to literally fake a smile, but when things feel out of control, we often forget that we have a set of tools to help us regain a sense of calm...just change your mind and don't forget to breathe!

What's your favorite part of Y7?  The #darkness.  Kidding! (although it is a great element).  My favorite part is my new friends!  I've gotten really close with my fellow teachers and students.  They're all so wonderful and have gifted me with a much needed reminder that although this city can feel really isolating and lonely, there's an opportunity to meet great people around every corner!  Aww!  (*tear*)