Hometown: I'm a Florida girl

Favorite Music, artist or band: The Neighborhood + Khalid + (my guilty pleasure) Ariana Grande

Dream vacation: Backpacking somewhere I’ve never been before! Nepal, Chile, Iceland, New Zealand, Greece, Japan — all on my TO-EXPLORE list

Favorite yoga pose: I’m inversions obsessed- handstands everydangday

Favorite post yoga snack: SMOOTHIES- banana, almond butter, cacao nib, cashew milk ;)

A quote you love: Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.

Personal mantra: I am a divine expression of life. I am open to fun and creative possibilities.

How did you get into yoga: I started practicing yoga as a way to move and exercise in college. Then it started helping in so many other ways- it bumped up my GPA, made me feel more happy and grateful, and connected me to ME. Haven’t looked back since!

Favorite time of day to get your yoga in: Definitely love an afternoon practice- something like 4:30pm is perfect.

Favorite part about Y7: Flow on your own! Love the strong beat and FREEDOM to do whatever my body wants.